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Privacy Policy


A)  We promise not to share your contact information to the general public regardless of their purpose of asking. Your privacy is in our DNA.

B)  Fraud is bad practice. We denounce and advocate to eradicate fraud.

C)  Fake documents can lead you to a total chao. We encourage you to verify the certificates you must have collected from other providers before submitting them to any authority for further processing.

D)  Our conversation regarding your process remains confidential. We promise not to disclose them to the general public unless you permit us to.

E)  Your success is what we strive for. We shall insure you don’t leave here without your result.

F)  We shall take our time and make you understand about the process. This is to insure you have an insight of what is actually going on.


What you must do to be sucessful

A.a) You must engage your process with a minimum fee depending on the type of program you planning to register under. This is a method to screen out serious ones from those that are not serious.

B.b)  You must not violate the privacy of others. Meaning you are prohibited to request us to violate somebody privacy just because of your process.

C.c) You must learn how to read and understand every details given to you regarding your process before asking questions.

D.d) You must complete your process in order to be successful. It’s our responsibility to insure it’s completed before you leave.

E.e) You must provide all useful information needed for your process.

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Note: Everything here is 100% genuine. We don’t encourage fraud. It’s totally ungodly to scam someone or collect someone money and don’t give them what they paid for. We advice you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP.